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One Month In & We Broke 1K

Casual Style | Denim | Anorak Sequin Jacket | Graphic Tee | Women's Fashion Blog | Biz & Brunch

What a WEEK. So let’s talk about how I stayed up and jotted this entire post down until 11:45pm on a Thursday night, knowing I had to be up super early for a business trip. Had every intention to clean it up in the hour and a half car ride to said affair this morning. I hop in, open my laptop – AND I HAVE 12% BATTERY. Charger wasn’t plugged in to the outlet, story of my life. But in any event, BIG…

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Fashion, The Business Bar

Stressed, Well Dressed, & Coffee Obsessed

So far, I’ve stuck to the basics and have talked a lot of fashion- but what about business? As a marketing manager, every day for me is different. Whether it’s organizing photoshoots, attending trade shows, designing product lines, managing web development, creating product descriptions, or making final calls on which styles go into production- I have my hand in a little bit of everything. Basically overseeing all optics of what our brands look like, how they’re interpreted, and how I can create brand awareness to…

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