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Hiatuses. Hiatuses are healthy. I’m not sure if it’s because I work in social media, but I’ve found the busier I get, the less I want to spend my free minutes mindlessly on my phone, or staring at a computer screen. I am a HUGE advocate of unplugging and go off the grid often. So with the world of blogging, it’s definitely a balancing act.

Small look into my daily life

On a personal level – do I go for days at a time without looking at the front end of Facebook? Yes. I’m constantly logged into Business Manager on the backend creating ads, and monitoring comments on those ads for my brand. My personal newsfeed? Filtered and trained to serve me cooking videos and headlining news. You know, things I care about, lol! As for my personal Instagram – it goes for weeks/months without being touched unless I throw a Like to one of the brand or blog photos for engagement numbers. So what is it that makes me so busy that I gave up a large part of my social life?

There’s a lot of creativity and strategic planning that goes into what I do. Whether it’s with the very time-consuming world of graphic design, editing commercial photography, writing product descriptions for collections, adding new inventory to our online shop – and then the entire promotional realm of what happens once the afore-mentioned tasks are complete. This includes creating advertisements, regular email blasts with fresh copy and which pages/collections/products I need to push, monitoring numbers, pulling sales report and calculating the ROI, writing blog posts for the brand, and taking subsequent photography for that – all in addition to handling customer service. Basically, there’s a whole laundry list of continuous projects for different phases (across multiple channels) of a sales pipeline that I single-handedly knock out every hour I’m awake… on my own. So, stress and recently diagnosed high blood pressure: Check.

There is a lot of sacrifice to put your heart and soul into your business and you want to see success. …And a huge chunk of my social life was one of those sacrifices. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, in a fast-paced job with major responsibilities, or in a management position at all – you get it, and this feeling may sound familiar. In a generation of millennials, it seems very taboo to admit it, but if I’m being honest, I don’t miss it. Finding time for myself and doing things that interest me, and me only, is one of the most fulfilling and best things I’ve ever done. I’ve learned so much more about life in general, let alone myself, and what I’m capable of.

Maybe it’s a part of growing up, maybe it’s because I’ve had a strong support system of friends, but my point is: it’s okay to learn to say no. It’s okay to decline invites, save your dollars, and do something that you enjoy. If you’re working that hard, you deserve it. The right people will be there when you come back. I promise.

And with that said, I’ve got a blog to run, it’s just another part of the hustle so here I am!

Onto Floral Fever

This look is actually one that was a source of inspiring a lot of motivation. One of them being to hire a professional to step up my photography on this blog! Special thanks again to Andrea for capturing all of these shots and a few more you’ll see in coming weeks.

I grabbed this minidress from a boutique online that actually has brick and mortar locations in the Midwest. I LOVE browsing their IG for their floor-set and shop inspo because I’d love to open one of my own one day, but that’s a pipe dream for another post. While I couldn’t round up this exact dress below, I linked a bunch of other similar looks that I think are SO adorable for this Spring. Obviously florals is not a new concept – but as we know, fashion is very cyclical and they’re not always in some years. With that said, I’ve got the floral fever this year. And it’s nice not to get heat for looking like one of the Golden Girls if I want to get my obnoxious prints on.

As evidenced, I’m very petite, so this navy minidress was actually a bit baggy for me. But I loved it too much to send it back! Blogger secret from working in retail and directing photoshoots for our brand – I totally pinned the crap out of this! lol There are about 4 safety pins in this dress underneath the off the shoulder flap you can’t see, and maybe even a hair clip.

Biz & Brunch - Floral Fever Steve Madden Wedges and BCBGeneration Accessories Biz & Brunch - Floral Fever Ensemble Outfit Biz & Brunch - Floral Fever Fringe BCBGeneration Bag Close-Up

Dress (similar) // Shoes // Bag (similar) // Hat (similar) // Choker // Ring

Other pieces I paired to complete this very brunch-esque look that deserve mention: the hat, wedges, and fringe bag.

The hat is a purchase from my festival-trend years when I was early 20s, wore crop tops and kimonos every weekend, and was all about going to Lollapalooza (which I highly recommend btw – best mix of artists that are on the rise & awesome headliners). But good news? Big hats are still in and you can find its straw equivalents from the same brand below.

The wedges are the Steve Madden dupes of the Marc Fisher Espadrilles that are literally twice the price. I will admit – the cognac ones are WAY more comfortable than the Taupe ones I ordered in the ankle strap/backing department. Since these are literally the wedges of the year – for my gals that have more than one pair, did anyone else experience this also? Strange, but I have to give full disclosure before you decide to get both!

As for the bag, this one I have to pour one out for. I just sadly found out they closed the last remaining BCBGeneration store in my area. Feeling as distressed as I did when they shut down that last Zara in Broward. But this bag usually serves as my carryall when I’m traveling or running errands and I may need an umbrella. Also just discovered it comfortably fits my gold 10-inch Macbook, so this is one of my favorite utility bags when I don’t want to opt for a tote. Despite my over-prepared personality (I will without hesitation admit I am 50% Monica and 50% Rachel from Friends to put it into perspective), I usually travel light believe it or not and DESPISE looking like I’m carrying the kitchen sink with me, but this diddy gets a lot of miles on it!

Biz & Brunch - Floral Fever Looking Through Purse Fort Lauderdale Biz & Brunch - Floral Fever Fringe Bag Biz & Brunch - Floral Fever Brunch Hat Fort Lauderdale

Photos: Andrea Harborne Photography

And that’s a wrap for Floral Fever! It’s super busy for me right now with the business given that it’s officially swimwear season, but writing it out and getting the pressure off of what’s going on with work always helps! More to come this month & let me know if you have that floral fever! xo

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