Instagram Roundup: Spring Edition

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Still really can’t believe how FAST April flew by! Things are moving super quickly with both work and the blogging realm. Also, totally off topic side note, but whenever I see the word “realm” I instantly think of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and am flash backed to TGIF on Friday nights (shoutout to any of my fellow 90s kids out there). But I digress!

For the first half of the month, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really overwhelmed. Being a marketer and trying to balance the tone of middle-aged women on one brand, and then as my most professional, but down-to-earth self with the blog, aka my personal brand, is a VERY dicey tango. lol And when I say my most professional self, I really mean avoiding exposing my potty mouth (it’s bad, nobody’s perfect). 😐

With that said, I hope everyone had a super productive April… mine was filled with a lot of learning experiences, and to be honest, I really hope May turns out to be better! lol. So without further a-do, thanks to all of the ladies that have been following along with everything, you guys are amazing! I do notice handles and feel like I almost know 1/4 of you, as hopefully un-creepy as that sounds.

So, onto the business of Biz & Brunch. These posts were some of the best performing this past quarter, and I have gotten a lot of questions on where to get everything! Admittedly over the last year or so, I’ve been shopping at a lot of boutiques, so I try to match products at bigger name retailers where I can. However, since going full force into blogging I am finding my Nordstrom Debit Card to be in way more use and I’m really starting to wonder where all of my Nordstrom Notes are?!

Biz & Brunch - Floral Fever Ensemble Outfit

Photo: Andrea Harborne Photography

Dress (similar) // Shoes // Bag (similar) // Hat (similar) // Choker // Ring

Biz & Brunch Lace & Denim Overalls | Instagram Roundup

Overalls // Top (similar) // Sandals // Bag (similar) // Sunglasses

Biz & Brunch Sand Suede Mules | Instagram Roundup

Mules (sold out in Sand Suede )// Similar (Golden Caramel)

Sweater // Shorts // Shoes // Bag // Watch // Monogram Choker // Bar Pendant // Pyramid Pendant

Off the Shoulder Top (similar) // Jeans (similar) // Choker (similar) // Booties (similar) // Bag (similar)

Biz & Brunch | A Romp In the Park | Park Walk

Photo: Andrea Harborne Photography

Romper (sold out, similar) // Bag // Ring // Wedges

Top // Pants (similar)  // Sandals // Glasses // Necklace (similar)

Biz & Brunch - When Life Gives You Lemons Sitting on Sidewalk

Photo: Andrea Harborne Photography

Top (similar) // Overalls // Wedges // Ring // Choker (similar) // Lip Pencil // Lip Gloss

Biz & Brunch | Spring Instagram Roundup | Cognac Leather Jacket & White Dress

Jacket // Dress (similar) // Choker (similar) // Watch // Ring // Lipstick

Biz & Brunch | Spring Instagram Roundup | SM Wedges

Wedges // Rug (similar)

Biz & Brunch | Spring Instagram Roundup | Donut & Coffee

Jeans (similar) // Wedges // Bracelet (similar) // Necklace (similar) // Bag (similar)

There you have it. With Summer right around the corner, we’ll see how many rompers can go into rotation…and if I ever get my Nordstrom Notes. xo.

NORDSTROM - Shop Decorated & Destroyed Denim

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