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Make sure you invest in a good hairspray. I seriously don’t know how my hair is going to survive the Florida heat this summer! As mentioned on my Instagram, my hair was chopped into a long bob shortly after this. And after seeing these photos – I’m so glad it was! This was about 45 minutes and one outfit change into my shoot with the awesome Andrea Harborne Photography – and my hair looked like a 70’s disco star’s until we moved to an area without as much humidity.

But all jokes somewhat aside – let’s talk overalls.

When I was a kid, I LIVED in overalls. Going to Catholic School and having to wear a uniform growing up, the weekends were pretty much my only opportunity to live my life in the clothes I wanted to. My overalls were those clothes of choice (before you judge, it was the 90s… shoutout to Gap Kids). I had them in every fabric and length – from khakis to corduroys.

So here I am, as a 27 year old adult, and for some weird reason I was really hoping they’d make a comeback, lol! With the resurgence of UO selling them by the dozens, I knew it was finally my opportunity to relive my childhood and find a pair of shortalls for the summer. My dilemma? How do I style these to make them look more adult?

I am very open about my Napoleon complex (I’m small with a big personality, my friends will assure you of this). And I can look like a child really easily in certain pieces. 😐 Given this, I’m very cautious to avoid looks that don’t flatter being petite. This is a huge reason why you will rarely find me in most shades of pink, or even pastels. I never want to look like a star of Toddlers in Tiaras!

So, like most frugal choices I make as a 20-something with a tight budget… Where do I go when I want to grab a trend and not pay over $50 for it? You guessed it:

I took my behind to the largest Forever 21 in my area.

It was pretty easy to find these shortalls, especially with the Spring floorset in full force. There were a few different variations of overalls in denim, including a skirted jumper which I also definitely owned circa 1994, but I chose to go with this simple classic pair. While initially I had a vision to pair these with a solid white crop top from TopShop… on my way out, I passed by this ADORABLE lemon off the shoulder top. I instantly knew it had to be paired for this outfit post. And because I like peacocking. It’s what I do.

Overalls // Top (similar) // Wedges // Choker (similar) // Ring // Fringe Bag (similar)


Photos: Andrea Harborne Photography

So there you have it. When life gives you lemons…make sure you hire a good photographer and blog about it. lol Let me know in the comments what your favorite trends are that you’re excited to make a comeback for summer!



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