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Two business trips later and I am WIPED out. Took a few Instagram sabbaticals, but I’m ready to go back on the grid!

First, however, I do want to point out, Biz & Brunch has a new look! Color scheme is still the same, but my little space now has a cleaner look and feel. This layout has better functionality for fashion posts (‘Shop the Look’ is now readily available from the homepage), and more opportunities for engagement with readers. Took me longer than expected to get back up and running given the WordPress update a couple of weeks ago (with major catch-up sleep and naps in-between), but I’m baaaack. 🙂

What I’ve been up to

For any of you that follow the B&B Instagram, you already knew I flew to New York last week for a meeting with our buyers for a major department store. Super awesome experience for me – as a marketing girl, I love to learn and see different sides of the business. It was such a good time and we met an awesome team. Yesterday, we had another buyer meeting with another department store, and got to drive up to the west coast of Florida (Sarasota-area). I’m definitely exhausted to say the least, sitting here in my bed and trying to recover with a Million Dollar Listing New York marathon (Steve Gold, omg <3), and a cup of coffee. Since I’ll be back and forth all month, I’ll list a few highlights of this trip back to the tri-state area, and my stint in Sarasota.

Where we ate


Del Friscos – This was our first stop after landing, after 5 hours of delays. I would’ve eaten anything. lol Being from the area, we booked a hotel a city over from my hometown because it’s an easy middle ground for us to commute into NYC, and still see family/friends when we stop in. It was also a very good thing we had arranged to fly in the day before the meeting in the case we had a delay. A HUGE storm hit South Florida the morning we were trying to leave and we just missed the drama of what it left (2 ft worth of flooding!). But in regards to the restaurant, it was a modern bar/grille/gastropub and the food was decent. Atmosphere was really cool, and it had good service. Great attentiveness from our waitress. But I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t find a hair in my turkey wrap. Gross, I know. But I was so hungry I didn’t have time for drama or to complain. I just wanted to eat and take a nap. lol I was up since 3:30am!

Jacket (similar) // Dress // Choker // Ring

The Goose – Cutest tavern/gastropub dinner for a mini girls night with a great friend of mine (hi, Dani!). Good service and amazing food – had an AWESOME white bean, lemon/oil vinaigrette salad topped with salmon and a side of steamed vegetables. Fresh is the only word I can really think of to get my point across as to how savory this meal was. It was also super filling (another perk of eating super healthy, you have energy for longer and feel full when you should. I didn’t have this feeling basically ever, until I started truly eating clean 24/7).

Elm Street Diner – This was a girlfriend of mine’s recommendation. We stopped here in the AM before we headed out to the city. I had the Salmon Benedict to kick off a long day of commuting and walking, knowing we probably wouldn’t be able to grab lunch before the buyer meeting at 3. Since I cut out wheat/flour/bread I wasn’t thrilled about this being on an English muffin, but I knew I needed sustenance. lol And if I broke out into a rash or a de-habilitating stomach ache (just a little glimpse of the aftermath of the phantom virus that almost killed me), I was willing to say screw it, because I needed to power through the day. I had Tums, Advil, and positive thinking on deck. It was my first piece of bread in over a month and I didn’t have any issues which was a relief to know. Didn’t have to break out the OTC meds.

New York

Wolfgang Steakhouse – The buying team took us here for a business dinner. And no, this is not a Wolfgang Puck chain. lol Not even related. It was a super swanky, true New York Steakhouse. We also have one here in Miami! You could tell a lot of Wall Street types hang here for happy hour and client dinners. We had so many appetizers going on at the table that I could list a majority of the menu (and I won’t), but I did have the Tuna Tartar which was standout, and a large spinach salad as my entree. We all got to know each other over some wine and laughed a lot. Definitely fun!

Houndstooth – So all work and little play, this trip was a very quick in and out for me. I grew up 45 minutes outside of the city and my dad commuted in everyday when I was growing up. So trips like this I’m used to. I wasn’t expecting to get in a lot of leisure time, but I had an evening flight my last day and chose to roam the city a bit before I had to leave. Grabbed lunch with my dad, after leaving a place called Beer Authority (took 15 minutes for a server to ask if we wanted water), we walked a couple of blocks away to the first restaurant we could find because we were starving! We stumbled on Houndstooth. SUCH a great atmosphere, and great food. It was another chilly dreary morning/afternoon so we chilled for a couple of hours just eating, sipping tea ( I’m officially an old lady since I went holistic lol), and figuratively spilling it. Sometimes a dad isn’t so bad to have girl talk with lol. If you’re reading this, Hi Pop!

Top // Denim // Mules // Jacket // Choker// Bar Necklace // Chain// Bag // Watch // Sunglasses


The Shore – The day trip this week! In my 27 years of life, I can say hands down, this was the best meal at a restaurant I’ve ever had. And this comes from being on a very strict diet given the aftermath of a food-borne illness I’ve been battling for [now] 8 months. They had vegan options, vegetarian options, and gluten free options across the board. Whether it meant appetizers, entrees, and desserts, they had it covered. It didn’t hurt that the staff was amazing and the most hospitable team I’ve ever encountered. I had the Fish Dip appetizer, Sirloin Caprese Salad entree, and Chocolate Torte (flourless chocolate cake) dessert for reference. Considering we had to drive 4 hours and complete a 2 1/2 hour long meeting, aka no food for the entire day – I cleaned the entire plate for every course I had. So. Dang. Good.

Shoes (similar) // Dress

And that’s a wrap, for now. With these trips it’s super difficult to get re-motivated to blog, especially with work on my mind (and the Miami Swim Show next month) but I’m going to do my best to keep up!


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