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It’s MAY, which means:

Gimme all the maxis!

While I’m not a big fan of being matchy-matchy (my bathing suits don’t even match, ever!), this look is packed with surprises. The first? It’s actually a two-piece matching set.

Spotted these finds in Nordstrom on one of my mall cardio stints and knew I HAD to have it. And yes, I find time to get my self-proclaimed mall cardio in once a week. The top is sold separately, but once I tried it on in the dressing room, I KNEW I couldn’t buy one without the other!

The other surprise: the bottoms. They aren’t actually a maxi skirt, but a pair of shorts! As evidence would suggest, this had my name alllll over it.

What I REALLY loved about these pieces is their versatility. The price tags weren’t too bad, especially when keeping in mind that each piece can be dressed up or down, worn together, or separately.

Biz & Brunch | Summer Sets | Leith Floral Crop Top and Shorts Downtown Fort Lauderdale

 Crop Top //Maxi Shorts // Shoes // Choker // Bag

Biz & Brunch | Summer Sets | City   Biz & Brunch | Summer Sets | Black Rebecca Minkoff Bag Biz & Brunch | Summer Sets | Arts Center Biz & Brunch | Summer Sets | Back of Leith Matching Set Biz & Brunch | Summer Sets | Back of Floral Leith Top and Bottom Set

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Dressed up would be the obvious option of keeping this matching set together. But if you wanted to opt to make the shorts a casual look, it can easily be paired with a simple white tank, and boom – Farmer’s Market ready for Sunday morning!

And just like the bottoms, the top can be paired with a high-waisted pair of denim shorts and again, you’re ready for a lunch (or brunch ;)) with your girlfriends, without letting it all hang out!

One of my cardinal rules of styling any of my pieces is always: balance. I’m not a big fan of showing too much skin, but I do live in Florida, and sometimes – it’s just too damn hot! lol But if I’m going out, I’ll almost always wear longer sleeves with shorts, and conversely a tank or a short-sleeved top with pants or a maxi. What’s GREAT about this gorgeous crop top is that it’s actually marketed as a tank. The off-the-shoulder sleeve details give you some added coverage to complete the juxtaposed look in a sophisticated way  – without sweating your butt off this summer!

As far as accessories go…

The choker is another one of my favorites that I try to pair with anything open neck/off the shoulder, and sometimes even button-downs (like this plain white one which is my go-to!). I’ve attended a lot of weddings in the last year, and for any rehearsal dinners I’ve had to attend, this little suede piece is usually in tow!  It’s adjustable, but a little big on me – so if you’re tiny be prepared that it will slide around like in these pics. If the bow is too much (it can easily overpower a look, and we’ve gone over my tendency to look like a 10 yr old), I’ll throw on this plain black choker which has been CLUTCH to make my plain tee and jeans days a little more pulled together.

Speaking of pulled together… another cardinal rule (esp if I’m lacking outfit inspo) – is to top every look off with, of course: a good pair of shoes. These ones you’ll see coming up in a lot of posts because I will probably wear them until they fall apart! lol They are SO comfy and go with absolutely. And I mean EVERYTHING. I’ve had them for a year and they’re already kind of battered (we’ve been through it all), but for their amazing price – I’m actually willing to buy a replacement pair!

To wrap up, I obviously can’t forget the bag! This bag is a staple part of my wardrobe. It’s the perfect size and what I usually use when I’m not in one of my regular cognac moods. The mix of leather, suede, and a few fringe details gives it a unique touch that’s just right.

Versatility was key with these pieces and definitely a new set of favorites added to my closet. If you’re all about the matching sets this coming summer, let me know in the comments. xo


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