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New Look + New [York] City

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Two business trips later and I am WIPED out. Took a few Instagram sabbaticals, but I’m ready to go back on the grid! First, however, I do want to point out, Biz & Brunch has a new look! Color scheme is still the same, but my little space now has a cleaner look and feel. This layout has better functionality for fashion posts (‘Shop the Look’ is now readily available from the homepage), and more opportunities for engagement with readers. Took…

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Getting Started Blogging

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Blogging. The deeper I get into this, I really have to give a special shoutout to anyone that is running a successful blog while holding a job full-time. Seriously, I applaud all of you. The whole blogging business can be extremely tough to execute, especially if you know the vision you have in mind and what you want it to look like. There is so much time invested in bringing that to life. There is a lot of self-teaching, reading, and YouTube…

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One Month In & We Broke 1K

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What a WEEK. So let’s talk about how I stayed up and jotted this entire post down until 11:45pm on a Thursday night, knowing I had to be up super early for a business trip. Had every intention to clean it up in the hour and a half car ride to said affair this morning. I hop in, open my laptop – AND I HAVE 12% BATTERY. Charger wasn’t plugged in to the outlet, story of my life. But in any event, BIG…

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